This conference is co-sponsored by The Genetics Society of America which has supported the journal GENETICS since 1916. One of the current features of this journal is the Perspectives column, now edited by Adam Wilkins. It occurs to me that, while traveling to the conference, attendees might be interested to browse certain of the Perspectives essays that address formative aspects of the field that is maturing in MOUSE-2011. The END of the attached pdf gives direct access to five essays: by Tibby Russell on the survival of JAX; Mary Lyon on the mouse map; Monica Justice on Oak Ridge and mutagenesis; Ken Paigen on the evolution of the field; and – especially for the Complex Trait Consortium – Jim Crow on Don Bailey and recombinant-inbred strains.

If you browse these Perspectives on the formation of our field, perhaps you will have a suggestion for future progress. As noted by Crow, Don Bailey’s idea of recombinant-inbreds was simple but powerful. In the Chapman Lecture on Saturday, I shall share some specific suggestions from our lab in Wisconsin.

Looking forward!

Bill Dove

p.s. When you are on the internet, you can then scan the entire set of Perspectives essays from the 1987-2008 era, using the hot links on the pdf to reach the Open Source of GENETICS. Some of you may find material useful in teaching genetics. Feedback on how this series can be usefully indexed for the GENETICS website can be sent to and will be greatly appreciated.